Subbética Cordobesa

Subbética Cordobesa

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Video-activities on the School-Project 3

You are given one video related to the natural care of the world and afterwards some activies related to what you have watched. Don´t worry if you don´t answer properly all the questions. The video is one during which you are going to watch different scenes and places along with animals in freedom. The song is "Circle of Life" then you will have to fill in the gaps.


 1).- Decide whether the animals appearing in this list below have appeared in the videos that you have listened and watched. Wolves, dolphins, horses, chickens, bears, worms, seagulls, seals, butterflies, pandas, cats, dogs, piranhas, jiraffes. 

2).- Write two sentences with each animal saying what they can do or can't do depending on their physical qualities and on their nature. 

Ej :Wolves can run very fast and they can also tear to pieces the animals they hunt. 

3).-Place these verbs under the animal that carries out their actions. 

Animals: Cats, Chickens, Wolves, Bears, Dogs, Butterflies, Dolphins, Horses.

 4).- Categorize the animals of the exercise 1 into Mammals, Insects, Non-vertebrate, and Fish. 

 5).- The messages of the songs in the videos are very eco-friendly. Say if you agree or if you don't agree with all these sentences. 

 a.-We have got a one and only planet and we must take care of it.
 b.-Ecosystems are all related and depend one on the others. That is part of the circle of life. 
 c.-Our world welfare depends up to a certain extent on us.
 d.- We cannot change the global warning and the greeenhouse effet but the governments do.
 e.- Animals can become extinct if the illegal hunting is not forbidden. 

 6).- Translate these words and expressions into spanish. 

We must be respectful with all the animals and all the plants living around us.
There is a growing awareness that we depend on our environment as well as it depends on us.
 All living creature needs its space on the circle of life. 
There is an invisible bond that joins us all in this world 

 7) . -Match the two halves of the sentences according to their meaning. 

Deforestation                                                       earth trembling due to the movement of the …......... 
Fires                                                                    pollution in water and in water animals
Droughts                                                             air contamination expelled into the air from factories 
Over-population                                                  trees cut down 
Rains                                                                   crowded and over-crowded cities , overpopulation 
Earthquakes                                                        dry earth due to not having rainned 

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